July 06, 2015


9 Things To Bring When Camping With Your Dog

Here are a few general items you can pack for your pooch.

(Image Source: BaxterBoo | KONG High-Top Sport Dog Boots – $29.97)

Dog Booties

Yes, they do look ridiculous and your dog will probably not like them. But they will keep his or her feet from getting too injured if the terrain is rocky. This will also keep fido’s endurance up so you two can make the most of your trip.



(Image Source: GalleryHip)

Dog Brush

This may seem like an item that would just take up space. The reason this should be thrown in the hiking pack is so you can brush your dog occasionally during the hike. It helps brush out any ticks that may have been picked up or anything else that got stuck to your pet’s fur. A men’s plain, black comb works just as well…and takes up less room.


(Image Source: focalprice | SpotLit LED Dog Collar Light (Red) – $2.09)


LED Collar Light

Sometimes you may have to trek through the darker hours of the day. You may even need to walk your pup around the campsite to use the bathroom during those times. A clamp-on LED helps you keep an eye on your dog without taking up any room in anyone’s hiking pack. It can also be used as a back-up light.




(Image Source: Flickr | A Walk Around Britain)

Hiking Pack

There’s no need to carry around your pet’s supplies on a hike. Thanks to these convenient pet packs he can carry his own food and treats. This leaves room in your pack to carry the necessities for the both of you. It’s a good idea to build up your dog’s endurance little by little by loading up the pack with gradual amounts of weight while on your daily walks.




(Image Source: Amazon | Sea to Summit X Bowl, Blue: Camping Bowls: Sports and Outdoors – $17.99)

Collapsible Bowl

This is probably one of the best inventions around. It takes up almost zero room and it would fit perfectly into or clipped onto your pet’s pack. Not only is it convenient–it is a necessity. Streams aren’t the cleanest so you need something for your pet to drink out of. Your cupped hands work but not if you’re trying to hydrate yourself.




(Image Source: Amazon | Canine Friendly Pet First Aid Kit – $44.79)

Pet First Aid Kit

First Aid is an importance for everyone. Especially when you’re away from a populated area. Bringing a First Aid kit is only a smart choice to protect you and your company from whatever the trail throws your way.




(Image Source: Flickr | Andre Hagenbruch)

Pet Jacket

Depending on the time of year you decide to take a trip, you may have to bring a jacket or sweater for your pup. This also depends on the length of your dog’s coat. Even a light shirt could be great for the warmer seasons if it is soaked in water then put back on.




(Image Source: Flickr | Fairbanks Mike)

Two-Person Tent

Who want’s their dog to sleep outside of the tent? I know I wouldn’t. Letting your dog sleep in the tent with you keeps her out of the elements and away from other critters. You’ll also know quickly if your hiking pal becomes alert for one reason or another. Plus, you get to wake up in the morning with a view like the one above.




(Image Source: max&zoey | Nylon Hands-Free Double Dog Leash – $45.00)

Hands-Free Leash

Ah, yes. Both hands are free to hold on to your hiking staffs or whatever else you want. All while not worrying about your pups wandering too close to that nearby bluff. Make sure your dog is great on a leash before strapping this around your waist and being dragged down the path.

June 18, 2015


Cool Games To Teach Your Dog

When it comes to games you can teach your dog, a rowdy round of fetch comes to mind. Playing games with your dog helps keep him alert and sharpens his mind while providing exercise and bonding for both of you. Did you know there are a number of other games you can teach your dog to play aside from fetch? Check out these cool games that will provide exercise and entertainment for you and your favorite pooch.



Hide and seek is always fun, but it is especially so when you are playing with your four-legged buddy. For extra fun, gather up the kids and let them hide while your dog seeks so everyone can get in on the action. The hiders can also make small noises to attract attention and give clues to their whereabouts. You can also take a few of your buddy’s favorite toysand hide them around the room then let your furry guy seek them out.


If your dog knows a few basic commands like sit, stay, roll over, lie down, play a game of Human Says. It is along the lines of Simon Says except of course you don’t worry about “Simon didn’t say…” Practice going through the commands with your dog and see how he does. Be sure to offer praise and dog treats!


This game is sort of like a hide and seek scavenger hunt, with tasty treats as the reward! Keep your dog out of the room then hide some of her favorite treats around. Stick the treats under cushions, inside end tables, under chairs. Let her sniff out her treats while you watch the fun and enjoy her excitement. This will surely become your pooches’ favorite of the games you can teach your dog!


This game can help you teach your dog a few words. No, he won’t recite them back to you, but he can learn the names of some of his favorite toys. Practice throwing toys and saying what they are. For example, throw the stuffed bear and say “Bear,” then tell him to “Get the bear.” Do this over and over with his toys and eventually he will learn to recognize the words and associate them with the correct toy. Once he starts recognizing the names, test him by putting two toys on the floor then ask him to get one of them. Make sure to give treats and plenty of praise when he gets it right!


This is a great game for helping your dog come when called. Enlist the whole family and do this game indoors or out. Have everyone spread out so each person is several feet from the next. If outside, you can have everyone stand in various locations around the yard. Each person needs a handful of treats. Start by taking turns calling your dog’s name. When she comes to the person who called, she gets a treat and praise.

Play a few games that will actually help teach your dog a few things. Try one or more of these out and enjoy quality time with your fur baby.

June 18, 2015


8 Way To Keep Your Home From Smelling Like A Kennel

Fresh and clean isn’t always the first way people will describe a home with a dog. Let’s face it, that wiggly-bottomed, waggy-tailed, much-loved pooch can make a mess and leave a good trail of odors that can leave your home smelling a bit like a kennel. And, in the same way we become desensitized to our own perfume after a while, many often become “nose blind” to the smell of our own homes. Still, your houseguests may notice that you have a four-legged companion at their very first whiff, before they’ve been greeted by him! 

Removing the source of any odors completely is the key to keeping your home fresh and clean in the presence of a pooch. The following tips and cleaning schedule will keep those stinky smells at bay:

1. Bathe or groom your dog regularly.

Even if your dog isn’t visibly dirty, regularly bathing him with a gentle, safe dog shampoo will keep excess dirt, oils, dander, and any odors that may be clinging to his coat from being carried throughout the house. Be careful, however, not to overwash your dog as shampooing too frequently can strip his fur of natural oils, leaving his coat dull and drying out his skin. Bathe your dog only as often as he needs it. 

Brushing and grooming can be done more often than bathing and can be just as important in terms of keeping a clean home. Brush your dog often - many dogs absolutely love being brushed and will welcome it daily! Whenever possible, brush your pup outside to prevent loose hair from finding its way into furniture and carpeting. 

Keep a paw-washing station at the back door and clean his paws when he comes inside with muddy feet. A Brushless Paw Wash makes the job quick and easy and prevents unwanted dirt and odors from being tracked throughout the house. 

2. Lint rollers are your friends.

When sharing your home with a dog, unless she’s the hairless type, dog hair on the furniture is almost unavoidable. That is, after all, why it’s called FURniture, right? To keep your home from smelling like a kennel, remove any dog hair from your home furnishings. Use a vacuum cleaner with a pet attachment or a lint roller to do away with loose dog hair at least once a week.

3. Don’t forget the floor.

Many pet parents have simply accepted that cleaning floors is a regular chore, sometimes needing to be done every single day. If your floor is carpeted, vacuum with an empty vacuum canister or bag. If your vacuum canister or bag is already full or fur or dander, turning the machine on will inevitably blow the odor into the air. A pet-safe carpet deodorizer will help to remove any ground-in pet smells and leave your home smelling fresh. 

If you’re floors are tiled, wood, or laminate, make sure that you sweep well, apply some dog-safe floor cleaner, and then mop. For touch-ups and between moppings, a Swiffer WetJet is a pet parent’s lifesaver!

4. Check your air filters.

Change your air-conditioning or furnace filters at least once a month. If you have multiple pets or one that sheds a lot, consider changing your filters bi-weekly. Not only will your home smell cleaner, but dog hair can clog an air filter and break your A/C quicker than you might think.

5. Make use of disinfectants.

Many odors are caused by bacteria. Try to remove surface bacteria where odors linger using high-quality sanitizing cleaners that kill more than 99% of germs. Check your labels, though - make sure your cleaning products are safe for curious tongues and noses!

6. Don’t just mask odors, eliminate them!

Forget the standard spray air fresheners that just cover the smell up in favor of those that eliminate odors, like Febreze. Or, look for odor eliminating candles that are both beautiful and soothing to look at and destroy pet odors in the air.

7. Get rid of urine odors.

If your pup has an accident inside, clean the area thoroughly using an enzymatic cleanerdesigned especially for pet odors. Not only will these cleaners target the odor, they’ll destroy any pheromones or molecules left behind that might entice your pup to “go” in that same spot again.

8. Don’t forget their bedding.

When shopping for your pet’s beds, always opt for those with removable covers that can be thrown in the laundry. At least twice a month, remove all of your dog’s bedding, including any pillows, blankets, or fabric/washable toys, and run a load in the washer. A good rule of thumb is to wash the dog’s bedding every time you wash your own. 

Share your own tips for keeping your home smelling fresh and clean with a comment below! 
June 15, 2015


21 Times Zelda The Shiba Deeply Understood You

1. When she understood your general attitude toward life.

2. When she’s home alone and can do whatever she pleases.\

3. When waiters ask if Coke is alright if she asked for Pepsi.

4. When someone asks if she’s going out this weekend, but she’s already got Netflix fired up.


5. When she finally gets to wear her new favorite shirt.


6. When her friend won’t stop bringing her problems up in every conversation.


7. When her boss leaves the office, and she can at least pretend to be powerful.


8. When she finally caught up with the Kardashians.


9. When she gets a little sassy with the bartender.

10. When the “burrito artist” at Chipotle reminds her that guacamole costs extra.



11. When she tries out new poses for group photos.

12. When she considers going in a more retro direction with her style for like a week.


13. When she stays in her towel too long after a shower.


4. When she lets her little sister pick out her outfit, and it’s not exactly ~cool~.



15. When she throws a brief, false temper tantrum.


16. When she refuses to pay for extra butter at the movie theater.


17. When she listens to Taylor Swift too much during the weekend.


18. When her friends get together, and no one fights.


19. When only a mere acquaintance gives her a hug that she didn’t explicitly allow.


20. When she uses too many Instagram filters but somehow it works


21. And when she finally gets payback on her buddy.


March 24, 2015


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