April 21, 2017


Internet Dogs Congratulate Sweet 3-Legged Dog Who Beat Cancer

Dylan Delia shared photos of his very happy and adorable dog after his life-saving surgery, where he had to have his leg amputated. Although he went from four legs down to three, the brave pup beat cancer and for that, some congratulations are in order!

Following Dylan's tweet celebrating his dog's cancer-free status were congratulatory and supportive tweets from fellow three-legged dogs. We couldn't be prouder of the canine cancer survivor and it's so wonderful to see he has the support from his fellow three-legged canines. Check out the fellow tripod dogs supporting him below!







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April 20, 2017


Pawesome Dog Owner Turned An Old-School TV Into A Fancy Dog Bed


It’s almost impawsible to go without cracking a smile at this sweet story. Our pups deserve only the very best, don’t you think? Well, that was certainly the mindset of this dog owner Jonathan when he built a luxurious dog bed for his precious babies.

Jonathan shared his DIY masterpiece on Reddit. They say that folks will know how large your soul his by the way you treat a dog. Well, in that case, Jonathan and his wife have some pretty massive souls, because they went all out to transform an old-school television into an incredible dog bed.

"This is a project we have wanted to do for quite some time," Jonathan told Mashable. "It originally was going to be a fishtank where we kept the general TV appearance, complete with a rounded 'screen' for the front portion." But Jonathan and his wife never did get the fish. Instead, they got two dogs named Sgt. Buckley and Cy so their original plans were altered for their pups.

After an extended search, the couple was able to find the perfect TV for their project at a non-profit called Second Chance that deconstructs buildings and homes and then salvages usable materials and makes them available to the public for sale.

In an Imgur post, Jonathan explained what went into the extensive project, which included removing the TV from the wooden frame, repainting the frame, adding a backboard with wallpaper, adding stained-glass side panels, and of course the bottom cushion.  

After the completion of the DIY project, the couple let the dogs test it out. Luckily, Sgt. Buckley and Cy seem to be warming up to the new bed. "Sgt. Buckley was a little apprehensive when we first set it up, but we put some of his toys in it and he jumped right in," Jonathan told Mashable. "Cy is totally chill, and is just happy to have another place to sleep," said Jonathan.

Sgt. Buckley, the couple's cute corgi, was all smiles after testing out the bed with some of his toys in it. The couple's other pup, Cy, also clearly enjoyed his parents' masterpiece and even the couple's cat joined in on the fun as shown in the video below. 

 According to Jonathan, the bed took roughly 20 hours to complete and was constructed in the course of a month and a half. Now that’s some dedication!


Written By: Buck 


April 19, 2017


Insta-Famous Bulldog Comforts Lost Chihuahua His Dad Found In Traffic

Earlier in the week, Micha Porat discovered a little chihuahua in the middle of the road looking frightened and alone. Porat alerted cars on the road of the dog darting through traffic and finally with the help of a bystander, was able to catch the little dog. He took her home with him in hopes of finding her owner. 

Upon arriving home, Porat and the chihuahua were happily greeted by Porat's own fur baby, a sweet insta-famous 2-year-old french bulldog named Gomi. 

“My dog fell in love with her,” Porat told CBS. “It was pretty cute. They got along really well, actually.” Porat took good care of the chihuahua (even letting her sleep in his bed along with his bulldog Gomi) all while searching for a possible owner. 


Luckily, the search for the chihuahua's owner was successful thanks to Gomi's large following on Instagram. Porat posted about the lost chihuahua on his Instagram account hoping one of Gomi's followers would be able to provide some help.

Soon, Porat got messages from people who actually recognized the dog. Her name was Osita and it turns out her owner was fervently searching for the pup, who is partly deaf and suffering from cataracts. Gustovo Briand, Osita's owner, told The Dodo that Osita got loose out of the garage around 10 blocks away from where she was found. Briand and friends searched for the dog until 3 a.m. that night and couldn't find her. Briand then posted all over social media which was how Briand connected with his dog's savior Micha Porat. 

Osita is happy to be home with her dad, but her dad says she misses her new french bulldog buddy Gomi. We are just happy the scary tale turned into a happy ending thanks to the power of social media! And we are sure that Osita and Gomi will keep in touch! 


Written By: Pearl 


April 18, 2017


Dog Missing For Days Was Found Stuck On Pile Of Wood In A River


Credit: Jessica Barraza

No one knows quite how he got there, but a lost pit bull was discovered stranded on a big pile of branches in the middle of the Salinas River. The dog was discovered by a search party who was out searching for a man who may have drowned in Greenfield, California. 

The poor dog who seemed scared and confused was stuck for a few days. When a local animal rescuer, Jessica Barraza, heard about the dog's situation from a friend and fellow animal rescuer, she immediately went over with her friend to see how they could help. 

Credit: Jessica Barraza

The women tried making a makeshift bridge or ladder from branches for the dog to climb out, but he was too frightened to move. When that didn't work, Barraza cautiously climbed over to the dog and she and the other rescuers were able to successfully lift him back up to safety. 

Barraza told The Dodo that at first, she thought the dog was dumped off by people who no longer wanted him. However, that was far from the truth. "He had gotten loose and his family had been looking everywhere for him, driving around and posting on lost and found pages," Barraza said.

"How he ended up in the river is a mystery, but this dog definitely had angels watching over him," Baraza told The Dodo

Credit: Jessica Barraza

We couldn't agree more. It certainly seemed like the pup had angels watching over him. And when the grateful pup was reunited with his family who had missed him so dearly, there were smiles and tail wags all around. 


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April 17, 2017


10 Dogs Who Think They’re Cats


These dogs think they’re cats are it’s too purr-fect. Check out the hilarious proof below right meow!


1.) This dog looks so serene perched up on the cat tree



2.) This husky is just popping in the cat door to say hello



3.) This pup just wants to hang with the rest of the feline crew



4.) Is that a dog or a giant cat perched on the window? 



5.) Forget going to the bathroom outside. This dog is trained to use the litter box like her feline counterparts!



6.) This pup somehow managed to get up to the tippy top of this cat tower. 



7.) "Mewoof"



8.) "Hey cat, am I doing this right?"



9.) "How does the cat do this?"



10.) This dog loves to play with yarn just like cats 



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April 14, 2017


Bloodhound Puppy Gets Sworn In As K-9 Detective

Give this puppy a round of paws! Detective Prince was sworn into the West York Police Department in Pennsylvania as a K-9 officer tasked with locating missing persons. At only 13 weeks old, the cute bloodhound has some training to do before he reports for duty.

Detective Prince joins the department after being donated by The Jimmy Ryce Center. The Jimmy Ryce Center, located in Florida, donates bloodhounds to law enforcement free of charge. The Center was founded after a boy named Jimmy Ryce was abducted and murdered at the hands of a sexual predator on his way home from school.

Bloodhounds are the only dogs that can follow a human trail more than a few hours old and so they are provided by the Jimmy Ryce Center to law enforcement to find abducted and lost children and other persons.

 Prince found out he has some big paws to fill, as shown in the video above, as he is replacing incumbent Detective K9 Lou, who is retiring soon. But, we are sure Prince the bloodhound will be of great service with the West York Police Department in no time! The dog even has his own Facebook Page so we can keep up with him as he embarks on adventures to find missing people and bring them home safely.


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April 13, 2017


Dog And Donkey Have Beautifully Unusual Friendship

Buster, a sweet little dog, lives in Dublin, Ireland with his family. While on vacation with his dad Traolach Ó Buachalla, Buster befriended a donkey named Jack. In Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula, the dog and donkey happened to cross paths and hit it off nearly immediately.

"The first time they met, they were just so friendly to each other," Buachalla told The Dodo. And ever since that glorious chance encounter, the dynamic duo have met up on an annual basis to maintain a sweet long-term friendship. Each time the pair meet up, it’s as if no time has passed and they pick up where they left off.

"It's very sweet," Buachalla told The Dodo. "I have no idea if this is normal for donkeys, but my dog is rarely so interested in other animals as he is, in particular, with Jack."


During their latest visit, Jack introduced his canine pal to his lady love he met on the hill – the one and only Jill. And luckily, Buster approved of his pal’s new donkey girlfriend.


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April 12, 2017


Clever Dog Found After Opening Doors To Escape Vet

General, a 10-year-old Great Pyrenees, made a great escape from the Aquia-Garrisonville Animal Hospital in Stafford, Virginia by opening up multiple doors. The dog was being kept at the Animal Hospital while his family of eight were visiting relatives in Virginia Beach. 

Surveillance video from Fox 5 News shows General cleverly using his nose and mouth to open his kennel and several other doors at around 4 am in the morning and then eventually making his way outside to the parking lot where he seemed to get lost.

Luckily, General the canine Houdini was found hours later. According to the vet's Facebook page, the dog was found resting in the yard of nearby neighbors about 300 yards from the vet. 

 General's family, who rescued him when he was five, always knew how special and clever their dog was. "Getting out of doors, in a door is nothing new. I told them when we dropped him off, but never had a problem getting out of any place that boarded him before," General's owner Travis Campbell told Fox 5

Campbell told Fox 5 that his dog "spent a night and a half rehearsing trying to figure out how to open the door from the inside, which is how he got a little scratch on his nose." 

Needless to say the Campbells, who consider General a seventh child in addition to their six human kids, are elated General is safe. Travis Campbell left to pick him up as soon as the dog was found and General got to join his family for the rest of their vacation in Virginia Beach. 


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April 11, 2017


Dog Cuddles Stuffed Toy Puppies To Cope With Losing Her Babies

A sweet little dog named Twinkle was rescued a couple of months ago by Xavier Hernandez and his mom. Xaxier's mother was on a trip to Mexico when she came upon Twinkle, who had been found living in poor conditions. She decided to take the pup home to California to be a part of their family.

Not too long after, Twinkle's new family discovered she was pregnant. A little over a week ago, Twinkle went into labor. But sadly, she delivered three stillborn puppies. Twinkle was heartbroken, so her new loving family decided to try and help her cope with the recent tragedy. 

Hernandez's mom purchased three stuffed animals for their dog to snuggle and sleep with. Though the stuffed animals can't replace her lost puppies, having them near her seemed to bring some comfort to the dog. 

Xavier told The Dodo that he and his mom are making sure to give her the love and support she needs during this difficult time. "My mom and family try to show her as much love as possible," Xavier told The Dodo.


Written By: Spot




April 10, 2017


12 Adorable Dog And Cat Siblings

Happy National Siblings Day! Paw my gosh! It turns out cats and dogs can be friends after all! Check out these sweet cat and dog siblings who seem to be the best of friends.

1.) Two sleeping sweethearts


2.) Cuddle buddies for life 


3.) Awww


4.) Too cute


5.) This big feline found the purr-fect snuggle buddy


6.) This pair didn't let an obstacle get in the way of their cuddle session


7.) The cutest bunk bed you ever did see


8.) What an adorable trio



9.) When the pet owner saw their dog meeting with a stray cat every day, they took in the cat and the two have been inseparable since 


10.) These two cuties are too precious in their matching red bandanas 


11.) These sibs look like they can snuggle just about anywhere


12.) Giddy up dog



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