March 22, 2017


10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In The United States


The American Kennel Club just came out with its famous list ranking the most popular dog breeds in the United States. The rankings, which came out this week, are a compilation of data from 2016.


1.) Labrador Retriever

These friendly and outgoing dogs were named America’s most popular dog breed for a record 26th straight year. The Labrador Retriever coat colors are black, yellow and chocolate. The good-natured pups are considered the ideal family dog, an excellent K-9 partner and excel in sports and outdoor activities, which helps to explain why the dog has consistently taken top honors for so many years. The dog breed is also considered highly intelligent and has even been known to save lives.


2.) German Shepherd 

German Shepherds come in at number 2 on the list. These dogs are known to be confident, courageous and smart. They have medium energy and are large in size. They are also highly alert and full of life.


3.) Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are intelligent, friendly and devoted dogs. They have kind eyes and expressions and are eager, alert and self-confident. They also need daily exercise as they are highly energetic and hunting dogs.


4.) Bulldog

Bulldogs came in at number 4 on the list. These dogs are known to be calm and friendly. They have medium energy and are medium in size. This breed requires minimal grooming and is not very active.

5.) Beagle

Beagles are loving, happy, easygoing and make great companions. They have short and easy-to-care-for coats. The Beagle is a breed of small-sized hound and was developed primarily for hunting hare. They are very active dogs, requiring plenty of exercise. One of the most famous cartoon dogs was a Beagle – Charlie Brown’s pet dog Snoopy

6.) French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are playful, smart, affectionate and sociable. They have medium energy and are relatively small in size. They’re not very active and aren’t very athletic either. They require minimal exercise and grooming.

7.) Poodle

Poodles are very smart, active and proud. They have medium energy and are medium in size. Typically, this breed is groomed and clipped in the traditional fashion and looks very distinguished. The breed has a hypoallergenic coat, which should reduce allergic reactions, but still requires professional grooming.


8.) Rottweiler 

Coming in at number eight is the Rottweiler, which is considered a very confident guardian. The Rottweiler posted its highest ranking in nearly two decades. They are known for their loyalty and protective instincts. Though they are reserved with strangers, Rottweilers are very affectionate and loyal to their families and owners. 


9.) Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier a.k.a. Yorkie became a fashionable pup in the Late Victorian Era. They are bold, affectionate, intelligent and independent dogs. When their long coat is kept, it’s important to brush it often. The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed with medium energy and was developed during the 19th century in Yorkshire, England to catch the rats and mice in clothing mills and mine shafts. Though small in size, Yorkies tend to think they are big dogs and may even try to pick a fight with big dogs.


10.) Boxer

The Boxer is a high-energy, medium-sized and short-haired breed of dog developed in Germany. Boxers were actually one of the first breeds selected in Germany for Police Training! They are active, bright and fun-loving dogs. They’re very strong dogs and need lots of exercise. Boxers are alert and watchful yet playful and patient. He’s only really aggressive if he’s defending his family or his home.  


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March 21, 2017


10 Before And After Photos Of Rescued Dogs That Will Warm Your Heart









Credit: Ariel Nichole Dehart Facebook


Credit: boredpanda


Credit: boredpanda


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March 20, 2017


Heroic Dog Recovers After Being Shot While Protecting Owners During Break In

 Blue, an 8-year-old pit bull, is one heroic dog! When two armed men barged into the West Philadelphia home of Nina Teller and Leroy Bucahan in February, their brave pup came to the rescue.

“I told Blue to get after the guy,” Buchanan told Penn Vet. “He locked onto the guy’s leg and that’s when he fired his gun.”

The home intruders took off – leaving the brave pit bull with a gruesome gunshot wound. “It was pretty scary and I was shaken up,” said Teller. “But I was worried about Blue. He was bleeding a lot. We were scared for him.”

Teller stayed with the police to give her statement. A worried Buchanan and his loyal four-legged friend Blue were rushed to Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital via cop car.

With internal damage from the bullet wounds, Blue needed emergency surgery. “With gunshot wounds, sometimes multiple injuries can happen because it’s such a high-energy trauma,” said Dr. Michael Mison, Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery, who helped with the pit bull’s surgery. Fortunately for Blue, this wasn’t the case. The bullet left the dog with a punctured lung lobe so it was removed.  Other than the lobe, there were no other signs of critical damage.

The lung lobe removal was a “relatively manageable issue to deal with” for the vets. And luckily for Blue, the removal of the lung lobe will not negatively affect Blue’s life in the long-run.

 “Pit bulls definitely have a will to live. They’re hearty, and so they tend to bounce back really well,” said Dr. Mison. The pup is certainly resilient. Merely 24 hours after the surgery, Blue was up and moving and eating with no problem. Blue returned home days later to his overwhelmingly grateful owners.

“They told us we were eligible for a program to help with the costs,” said Teller. “It was really nice of them to do that for Blue. We’re incredibly thankful. We really didn’t have that kind of money.”

“Blue was shot trying to protect his family during a home invasion,” said Sally Powell, Director of Operations for Penn Vet’s Ryan Hospital. “Our Charitable Care program allowed this ‘hero dog’ to return to a family that loves him dearly and is forever grateful for his protection.”


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March 17, 2017


8 Reasons Why You’re Lucky To Have A Dog


1.) Dogs are always happy to see you when you walk in the door

dog happy to see owner

2.) Dogs don’t complain about their bad days but smile through them

smiling dog

3.) They’re the best snuggle buddies


4.) They would walk 500 miles (and 500 more) to see their humans

dog and owner 

Buck, a 3-year-old Labrador, traveled 500 miles to get back to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, after his owner Mark Wessells left the pup with his father in Winchester, Virgina! That's dedication! 

5.) Having a dog in your family can actually help prevent your kids from developing allergies


In studies, the dust associated with dogs seemed to prompt an immune response against microbes that have been linked to asthma in kids. 

6.) Dogs can save your life

woman and dog

Dogs can actually detect cancer in their humans! In many studies, dogs have used their keen sense of smell to recognize differences between malignant tissue and normal tissue by detecting the chemicals released from the malignant tissue. One woman noticed her pup licking her right breast obsessively and when she went to the doctors, it was discovered she had breast cancer. 

7.) They make you laugh

 It's hard not to crack a smile at this pup dancing to the music!

8.) They’re extremely grateful for the little things

dog birthday

Photo Credit: imgur

This man ordered his dog, Lucy, a birthday cake thinking it would be a waste of money, but found that her reaction was worth every single penny.



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March 16, 2017


Dog Cares For Tiger Cubs Abandoned By Their Mother


Dogs are just the best snuggle buddies and providers of unconditional love, which could explain why the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens enlisted the help of a pup to help care for three female tiger cubs neglected by their mother. The rare Malayan tiger cubs were born on February 3, 2017 and now have a dog dad in a six-year-old Australian Shepherd named Blakely. The “super dog,” as coined by the Cincinnati Zoo, has been called into action to provide snuggling, comfort, and a body to climb according to the zoo.

dog and cub(Photo Credit: Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden)

Blakely is certainly not new to caring for zoo babies as he was a nanny to several other zoo babies in the past, like the baby takin (goat-cantelope) he cared for after the takin’s mother ignored him or the baby cheetahs Blakely nurtured when their mother passed away from complications surrounding labor.                              

"He's more than just a large, warm pillow for the cubs. Blakely is the adult in the room. He teaches them proper tiger etiquette by checking them when they're getting too rough or aggressive," said Dawn Strasser, head of Cincinnati Zoo's nursery staff. "This is something that their human surrogates can't do."


       (Credit: Cincinnati Zoo YouTube) 

"My team can feed and care for the tiger cubs, but we can't teach them the difference between a play bite and one that means 'watch out'. So, that's Blakely's job," said Strasser. "Just a little time with him at this early age will help them learn behaviors that will come in handy when they meet tigers at other zoos in the future."

Blakely is doggone awesome. And the next time baby animals are in need of some loving, nurturing and mentoring, we are sure that Blakely the "super dog" will come to the rescue!



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March 15, 2017


Woman Reunited With Beloved Lost Dog After 6 Months

 (Photo Credit: Tanya D. Flowers, AP)

After six long months, a woman in New Jersey has been reunited with her dog. Tanya Flowers told The Jersey Journal that her 1-year old maltese named Paris somehow got loose from her apartment back in September.

Flowers spent days handing out hundreds of fliers and contacting local animal shelters. She began to lose hope that she’d ever see her pup again.

But over a week ago, a shelter in Staten Island, New York called to tell her that her dog had been found. Flowers couldn’t believe her ears. “I really thought my dog was gone forever. I wasn’t sure if this was a joke or not, because I had received numerous prank phone calls from the fliers I had put up.”

(Photo Credit: Tanya D. Flowers, The Jersey Journal)

Her pup was supposedly found roaming the streets in North Bergen, New Jersey around four months ago. A man who saw her took Paris in, but recently decided he could no longer care for the dog so he brought Paris to his mom’s home in Staten Island, New York.

The man’s mother took Paris to a vet, where it was discovered that the dog had a microchip linking her to Flowers and allowing the dog and owner to be reunited at last.

“When I walked up to the door in Staten Island and saw my dog, I just started screaming,” Flowers said. Upon seeing her owner, Paris began barking excitedly and giving her tons of kisses, making up for those last six months they spent apart.


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March 14, 2017


Doug The Pug Spoofs ‘Beauty And The Beast’ In Hilariously Awesome Video


Be our guest to the pawsitively awesome canine spin on a tale as old as time. Famous internet dog Doug the Pug played both Belle and the Beast in his spoof of “Beauty and the Beast.” What a talented pup!

Beauty and the Pug

With all the hype and excitement surrounding the upcoming release of Disney’s live-action version of the classic film “Beauty and the Beast,” Doug’s owner, Leslie Mosier, figured it was the perfect time to do a spoof of the film.


“I’ve been wanting to do a 'Beauty and the Beast' video since we started making videos of Doug,” Mosier told People Magazine. “So obviously when I saw the live-action film was coming out, I was like, if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it big.”


The video, fittingly titled "Beauty and the Pug," was shot at the luxurious Belmont Mansion in Nashville, Tennessee and features Meghan Linsey from “The Voice” singing the film’s signature song “Tale As Old As Time.”

beauty and the pug title

The doggone adorable video  has garnered a whopping 16 million views on Facebook!


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March 13, 2017


These Pups Got Married After Dating For Over A Year

Lally, a shih tzu from the Philippines, met her hubby Kian, also a shih tzu, over a year ago. The furry couple got engaged last February and had a pawesome engagement shoot done by a talented pet photographer.

Engagement Shoot

 Last week, the happy couple got married in a beautiful beach wedding at Patungan Cove in Cavite with 25 fellow pups in attendance. Che Vienes, the canine and feline photographer who shot the engagement photos, was also the wedding photographer. She told BuzzFeed that the wedding day was “emotional” and “full of love.”


Facebook: chevienesphotography

Here’s the blushing bride.


Facebook: chevienesphotography


Here’s the lavish wedding dress.

wedding dress

Facebook: chevienesphotography


The dashing groom.


Facebook: chevienesphotography


Max, a boston terrier, served as the wedding officiant.


Facebook: chevienesphotography


The guest book.

guest book

Facebook: chevienesphotography


A blind dog named Hercules served as the ring bearer of the ceremony.

ring bearer

Facebook: chevienesphotography


The wedding singer, Elouis, sang “Can’t help falling in love” with a little help from her human as the bride walked down the aisle.

wedding singer

Facebook: chevienesphotography


One of the lovely bridesmaids.

Facebook: chevienesphotography


The handsome best man, also a shih tzu.

Facebook: chevienesphotography


Cheers to the lovely couple! 

 Facebook: chevienesphotography


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March 10, 2017


How You Can Tell Your Dog Is In Pain

sick dog

Seeing our pups in pain can lead to feelings of helplessness. We want nothing more than to assist them and make their pain go away. But, oftentimes, it’s quite difficult to tell if dogs are in pain since they don’t speak our language. While there are some more apparent signs of a dog in pain (like limping), the symptoms aren’t always so obvious. Dogs will partake in particular behaviors that may seem subtle but could hint at them being in some sort of pain. Below are six symptoms that may be a sign that your four-legged pal is in pain.

1.) Heavy Panting

dog panting

Panting is a pretty typical behavior for dogs. Dogs tend to pant more heavily when they’re partaking in exercise or when they’re outside in the heat. But, when your dog engages in heavy panting even though she hasn’t been exercising or outside in the heat, it may be a sign that your pup is stressed from the pain that they are in. If your dog begins panting heavily out of nowhere, it’s probably best you and your dog visit the veterinarian.  

2.) Excessive Grooming

dog grooming

Cats aren’t the only ones that lick to clean themselves. It’s actually normal for dogs to lick and groom themselves like their pet counterparts. However, it’s not normal for licking and grooming to become an obsessive behavior. Dogs in pain tend to lick their paws constantly in an attempt to alleviate their pain. When dogs get hurt, they typically tend to care for the wound by licking it to clean it. This doesn’t only happen when dogs get visible wounds, but when they have internal pain, as well. If you begin to notice your pet engaging in excessive self-grooming, it may be wise to take a trip to the vet.

3.) Lack Of An Appetite

dog not eating

Like humans, dogs don’t eat when they aren’t feeling well. If your pup usually eats well and you notice they start refusing to eat, then that may be a sign of underlying issues, including dental problems, liver problems, kidney problems or even cancer.

4.) Differences In Sleeping Patterns

dog in bed

Dogs will sleep a lot more than usual when they’re experiencing pain because they’re trying to recuperate or heal, especially when it becomes too hard to move around.

5.) Unusually Aggressive Behavior

dog biting

When animals are injured, many of them will tend to go into protection mode and will want you to stay away because they’re concerned you’ll hurt them. If your pup growls at you seemingly unwarranted, it may be because he’s concerned you will touch him where he’s hurting.

6.) Changes In Their Eyes

dog eyes

Dogs with eye pain will noticeably squint or will have noticeably smaller pupils. The opposite holds true when dogs have pain in other parts of their body as their pupils will become larger.  


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March 09, 2017


Your Dog Can Tell When You’re Lying

Dog at welcome mat

We know that dogs can sense when their humans are upset, happy or angry. But, did you know that dogs can also sense when we are lying? In fact, dogs will actually keep track of whether people lie or tell the truth so that they can figure out which people they can depend on.

According to research published in Animal Cognition, dogs are able to remember if a person is trustworthy. The dog then makes the decision on whether to follow the person's orders based on the dog’s formulated opinion of the human. According to scientists, dogs learn the people they are able to depend on, when it comes to things like food for example.

It was already known that if a person points at something, a dog is able to follow the cue and go to where they’re being directed. For example, if the dog’s owner points to the location of their food, treats, or toys, the dog will accordingly run towards the location.

However, it was revealed more recently that pups are quick to determine whether the gestures of their humans are misleading or not.

dog looking

Akiko Takaoka and her team of researchers at Kyoto University in Japan studied whether dogs automatically follow human pointing gestures or whether they adjust their behavior depending upon the “reliability of the pointer.” The researchers presented 34 dogs with various rounds of pointing gestures, some accurately leading the dog and others that were misleading.

In round one of the first experiment, the researchers correctly pointed to where the food was hidden in a container. In round two, the researchers pointed to an empty container. In round three, the experimenters pointed once again to the container with food just like they did in round one.

The dogs’ responses to the experimenter's gestures in round one and round three were compared. It was found that most dogs followed the pointing gestures in round one, but in round three, many fewer followed the pointing gestures.


In the second experiment, the first two rounds remained the same as the first experiment, but round three had the dogs following a new experimenter’s pointing gestures. In this case, when the new researcher pointed them towards the container with the food, they did as they were told and found the food.

Akiko Takaoka told the BBC that she was shocked to find that the dogs “devalued the reliability of a human” so quickly, which points to their sophisticated social intelligence.

The study also reinforces the concept that dogs like consistency and predictability. In fact, according to John Bradshaw, a veterinary specialist at the University of Bristol in the UK, dogs whose owners are inconsistent to them will often develop “behavioral disorders” and could become stressed.

Dogs are incredibly clever creatures and have become socially aware of humans as a result of their long history with them. So, next time you lie to your pup, don’t be surprised if they don’t fall for it! They may not be as gullible as we tend to think.

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