Bloodhound Puppy Gets Sworn In As K-9 Detective

Give this puppy a round of paws! Detective Prince was sworn into the West York Police Department in Pennsylvania as a K-9 officer tasked with locating missing persons. At only 13 weeks old, the cute bloodhound has some training to do before he reports for duty.

Detective Prince joins the department after being donated by The Jimmy Ryce Center. The Jimmy Ryce Center, located in Florida, donates bloodhounds to law enforcement free of charge. The Center was founded after a boy named Jimmy Ryce was abducted and murdered at the hands of a sexual predator on his way home from school.

Bloodhounds are the only dogs that can follow a human trail more than a few hours old and so they are provided by the Jimmy Ryce Center to law enforcement to find abducted and lost children and other persons.

 Prince found out he has some big paws to fill, as shown in the video above, as he is replacing incumbent Detective K9 Lou, who is retiring soon. But, we are sure Prince the bloodhound will be of great service with the West York Police Department in no time! The dog even has his own Facebook Page so we can keep up with him as he embarks on adventures to find missing people and bring them home safely.


Written By: Woofy


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