Watch: Brave Man Fights Off Rabid Bobcat Attacking A German Shepherd

A very brave bystander stepped in to help a man and his dog as a bobcat attacked them in Arizona. The man was walking his German shepherd when the bobcat began following behind them. According to Fox, the bobcat chased the dog and his owner and then attacked the dog while the dog's owner tried to pull his dog away. 

A bystander, Steve Verschoor, was driving in the area when he witnessed the bobcat going after the German shepherd. 

"I slowed down initially to see what everyone was standing around watching," he told The Arizona Republic. "Then I saw it was a bobcat attacking the German shepherd." 

Verschoor got out of his car so quickly that he forgot to put the car in park. When Verschoor saw the bobcat go for the dog's eye, he put his hands between the bobcat and the dog. When he did that, the bobcat let go of the dog, but quickly grabbed onto Verschoor's hand. Verschoor flung the bobcat around to get it to let go of his hand until finally it let go and scurried away. 

Soon after, the bobcat was located and had to be put down after it continued to act aggressively. It was later determined that the bobcat was positive for rabies according to Arizona Game and Fish Department officials. 

Verschoor has to take rabies-prevention shots every few days for up to a month and has possibly suffered a broken finger. He's scheduled to see a hand specialist soon to examine his bite wounds more thoroughly. 

Skelly, the German shepherd, is also being treated and is undergoing a series of rabies-prevention shots. Skelly's owner, Mike Shields, remains distraught and focused on working to help Skelly recover.

Steve shown above with his daughters Brittany and Katlin is a huge animal lover


Verschoor insists that despite his injuries he would do it again in an instant. "I'm no hero. I'm just a man who loves animals as much as I love my family," the humble man told The Arizona Republic

Steve Verschoor's daughter Brittany isn't too surprised by her dad's actions. "It's nothing out of character for my dad to save animals. In fact, he didn't want any harm to come to the dog or the bobcat." 

Brittany set up a GoFundMe account to help her father with his medical expenses and anything raised above what her dad needs will be donated to an animal rescue in the area. 

"In the mists (sic) of saving the dog he sustained multiple injuries including lacerations on both arms and a broken hand," Brittany writes on the GoFundMe page. "My dad is a bartender who work (sic) for and lives off of tips and will be out of work for a while on top of lots of medical bills." 

So far, a little over $4,000 of the $10,000 goal has been raised for the heroic animal lover. To donate and help humble hero Steve Verschoor, click here


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