Watch: Dog Literally Eats Girl's Physics Homework

We've all heard of the "my dog ate my homework" excuse to get out of turning in schoolwork or projects that are due. Typically, there's no truth to the classic excuse. However, in the case of a girl performing an egg drop experiment for her Physics homework, her dog did in fact eat her homework. 

As shown in the hilarious video above, the girl shows off her impressive looking egg carrier contraption to the camera. The carrier, as she demonstrated, was holding the egg to keep it secure even if she was to drop it from up high. 

The student's father, who can be heard recording the video, explains what is about to happen. "So you have an egg in here, and it's supposed to not break when you drop it based on your physics contraption?"

The girl then releases the egg carrier contraption and while the egg pops out of the carrier, it lands on the floor nearby appearing untarnished.   

The egg remarkably did not break, but an unpredictable variable presents itself in the experiment – none other than the family dog. Dutch the sneaky dog makes his way over to the egg and sneaks away with it in his mouth. 

 The dad can be heard shouting "Drop. That. Egg." After Dutch refuses, the dad reaches into the dog's mouth, where the egg has somehow remained intact. But, a few seconds later, after trying to pry the egg from Dutch's tight grip, the egg cracks and splatters all over the floor while Dutch chews the shell left in his mouth. 

 The pawsitively hilarious video has since gone viral racking up over a million views since being posted on Reddit.


Written By: Casper

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