Family Dog Helps Find Missing Toddler

A family dog helped a search and rescue team find a 2-year-old boy who wandered off on a cold night in a Minnesota cornfield. 

The toddler was playing with his siblings outside of his house in Richmond, Minnesota when he wandered off a little after 6 p.m. According to authorities, family members called the police when they failed to locate him after searching for 30 minutes and it grew increasingly dark outside.

According to the Star Tribune, searchers heard a dog barking. So, then, State Patrol troopers in a helicopter utilized a heat-seeking device to pick up the heat from the dog and the boy. The dog had stayed by the toddler's side. 

In the heat-seeking video shown above, the dog can be seen walking by the boy and seemingly guarding him before a sheriff's deputy and a state trooper came to the rescue.

According to Sherrif's Lt. Vic Weiss, the dog was "in preservation and protection mode" and played a key role in helping to find the boy in the dark approximately three hours after the boy went missing. 

Thankfully, the boy, who was found cold and hungry, was otherwise in good condition and saved in the nick of time thanks to the brave and protective family dog. 

Written By: KiKi


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