German Shepherd Didn't Want To Leave Dead Dog's Side On Highway

Police retrieved a German Shepherd off a busy interstate in Newark, New Jersey where the dog refused to leave the side of a dead Pit Bull it was found lying next to.

According to New Jersey State Police, troopers responded Thursday morning to a report of two dogs on Interstate 280. Upon arrival, officers found the Pit Bull was deceased and the German Shepherd did not want to leave her friend's side. 

After some time, they were able to get the German Shepherd into the trooper's car. It is still unclear as to how the Pit Bull died, but it is under investigation. Neither dog was wearing any form of identification.  

"A local animal rescue was contacted and took possession of the Shepherd. We are deeply saddened by the passing of the other dog, but we're elated that we were able to rescue the Shepherd," police wrote in a Facebook post


Written By: Shelly

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