Man And Dog Who Served Together In Afghanistan Reunite After 6 Years

Soldier David Herrera and Kash, an IED detection dog, served together side by side in Afghanistan for seven months. In just those seven months, the pair formed a close bond that none of them would soon forget.

Herrera, a veteran of the Marine Corps, was Kash's handler during their deployment in Afghanistan in 2010. The two literally saved each other's lives on a daily basis.

"Kash was definitely a morale booster. He stuck with me through it, 24/7. He lived with me. He fought with me. He's been through it and seen it all." Herrera told The Dodo

When their deployment ended in 2011, Herrera and Kash parted ways to commence the next portions of their lives. Herrera got stationed in California while Kash was placed with a new handler for another tour of duty.

Though Herrera hadn't seen or heard about Kash for some time, the pup was always in his thoughts. Recently, Herrera discovered that Kash had retired and had been adopted by another handler in another state. So, he made plans to visit his old friend.

Herrera was apprehensive before the reunion since it had been over six years since he last saw the dog. He wasn't sure if the dog would recognize him or not. But, sure enough, Kash recognized his old handler instantly. 


"I'm not one to show emotion, but I think it was definitely something I needed. To be able to catch up with someone I was with for seven months was great."

Though Herrera wasn't able to adopt Kash himself, Kash's owner has left the door open for him to visit Kash anytime he'd like. 

Written By: Jimmy 


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