Tesla's 'Dog Mode' Will Keep Your Dogs From Getting Too Hot In The Car

Dog In Car

Tesla is releasing a new feature called "Dog Mode" that will aim to keep pets safe, cool and comfortable while left unattended in the vehicle.

The electric car maker introduced "Dog Mode" via Twitter Wednesday night. Tesla says that activating "Dog Mode" results in setting "a cabin temperature to keep your dog comfortable while letting passersby know they don't need to worry." 

If someone walks by a dog in the car and doesn't realize that the AC is on, it could create a worrying situation. With "Dog Mode," not only is the temperature kept nice and cool for the pup, but it also includes a display screen with the temperature inside the vehicle so that people passing by can see that the pets are safe. 

The new feature is one of several software updates Tesla is introducing that aims to improve both safety and security. The company has also announced plans to push its new "Sentry Mode," which aims to protect against theft and break-ins. It monitors the car's surroundings while it's parked and locked, detects threats and then sends alerts to the Tesla owner's mobile app if an incident occurs. 


Written By: Lucky

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Oz Peterson
Oz Peterson

March 22, 2019

This is an interesting concept. However I hope the Tesla upholstery is up to the task of withstanding the pup being in there alone! The few times my pup was left with the A/C on he tore up the back of the car pretty good since he was getting antsy (he wanted to be with the family and not left in the car even for a few minutes!). Maybe they should have a treat dispensing machine too…

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