Watch: Very Good Dog Learns To Whisper So He Won't Disturb The Neighbors

A very polite dog named Dudley lives in a college dorm building at Greenville University in Illinois. His owner Brian Gertler works as a Resident Director in the building. While the neighboring students loved to pet Dudley, they became frustrated at his loud and constant barking.

Soon after Brian and his wife adopted the dog, they discovered he was pretty vocal. The dog would bark loudly when he wanted to play, get their attention and even when Brian and his wife were away. Students started to complain about Dudley's barking as it interfered with them trying to sleep or study. So, the Gertlers came up with a solution.

"We were training Dudley how to do tricks, and one of them was 'speak.' He would bark, but get kind of lazy with it, and he'd start mouthing it instead. I thought, 'What if every time he did that, I threw a ball or gave him a treat?' And that's what I did," Brian told The Dodo.

While Dudley still barks at a loud volume at times, he has learned to keep it a lot more quiet as shown in the video below. When he gets excited now, the dog will amazingly politely whisper his barks. Since he's commenced whisper barking, the students have seemed to appreciate it.

"I haven’t gotten a complaint about his barking since," Brian told The Dodo. "We really didn’t want to punish him; we wanted to train the barking out of him," Brian said. "Teaching him this trick was a way of being respectful to our residents."

What a good boy! 


Written By: Sirius


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