Watch: Judge Judy Let Stolen Dog Loose In Court To Identify Its Owner



They say every dog has its day. This little dog certainly had its day in court as some ruff justice was served. 

In a viral clip posted earlier this week from an episode of the TV show "Judge Judy," a woman said she bought a dog on the street, but a man insisted the little dog was his and stolen from him before being sold to the dog's current owner. 

After some interrogating of both parties, Judge Judy got creative in determining the true owner of the pooch. She ordered the dog be brought in to the court and set loose. 

Upon seeing the man, the dog got visibly excited and began wagging its tail. Once the little canine was set down, it rushed excitedly to the man, who started to cry. 

It was clear who the rightful owner was. Judge Judy declared, "It's his dog." 


Written By: Henry


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